Small Bathroom Grab Bars

In a small bathroom, the user often finds it difficult to find strong support for moving in and out of the shower and toilet area. In such circumstances, I like to use a lot of shorter bars and in particular, vertical grab bars in and around the shower area.

The two photos below show a good setup for an installation that was done in a small bathroom. The bars are from Promenaid, which I really like because I can cut them to fit the studs in behind the walls, making them a lot sturdier. A short, vertical, grab bar is easy to install along the edges of the shower where you can find a stud and provides excellent safety.

In one of the small shower cubicles, having a vertical bar on the inside and outside increases safety dramatically and barely takes up any space.
Small angled grab bar for ease of use around the toilet and a vertical grab bar for getting in and out of the shower can be very useful and increase safety for seniors or people who have moving issues.