Outside steps – Safety first!

Outside steps before and after.

A common place for slips and falls are the outside steps for a lot of older houses. As people live in their houses for a long time, they tend to add and change things to the front, often making it more complex for someone to exit the house. If you’re young and able, no problem. However, it you are starting to get a little older and snow/ice are thrown into the mix, then issues can arise.

For this job, the client had an old set of steps that had no railings at all. They wanted something affordable but also solid. We decided on using simple 4X4 posts, with 2X3 railings. Not terribly modern or attractive, but nice and solid and the 2X3 railings provide an excellent hand hold. As usual, I like the idea of having two railings, as they provide a lot more support. Later on we sanded and painted the main posts as well.