Improve Accessibility and Visitability with Threshold Ramps

Accessibility is the ability of the person in the household to move about (e.g. through doorways, down stairs) or do daily household chores (e.g. make dinner, do laundry). Visitability is achieved when someone is visiting your home and through some modifications or just forward thinking, they have no problems accessing certain rooms (e.g. bathroom) or moving about. Both of these objectives can be partially achieved through the addition of threshold ramps.

Threshold ramps are generally placed at the point of transition between two rooms, where there is often a currently existing transition strip or a short step-up. These changes in height can prove troublesome and even dangerous (due to trips and falls) for people who have mobility issues.

Installing permanent or temporary threshold ramps at these points in the home can make it much more accessible for the home owner and a much friendly environment to visit for friends and family.