Large TV Remotes Ideal For Seniors

Many seniors have issues with seeing as well as dexterity with their hands. However, they still like to watch some television but the remotes they now send along with the TV or with the service provider are so complicated that a NASA engineer would struggle with them. Also, the buttons are far too small and if you don’t hit the channel selector quick enough, it constantly cancels out. One recent customer struggled with all of this, even though she only wanted to watch three or four channels on a regular basis.

Large button TV remote for seniors with vision or dexterity issues.
Large button TV remote is ideal for seniors with vision or dexterity issues.

One answer is a large format remote (one is shown here). You can then program it so that the favourite channels come up as you press the large button channel changer, eliminating the need to search through hundreds of channels each time or hit the correct button order. A great idea for anyone needing an easy to operate TV remote.