Double Handrails into the Basement

One of the mistakes many people make is to restrict movement of seniors because they are afraid they will fall and cause more serious issues. Absolutely wrong! It is important that everyone moves as much as possible. This increases strength, general fitness, balance and most importantly, a happier life!

For this client, the daughter was worried that her mother would fall going into the basement to do her washing. Her mother wanted to keep doing it that way. Walking up and down the stairs increased her mobility and carrying the basket increased her overall strength. The solution? Keep doing it but install guardrails to prevent slips and falls.

This was an old house and basement and we didn’t care too much about installing something pretty! We cared about installing solid guardrails that the customer could use as she went up and down. A guardrail on each side is recommended and of course they should be sanded and painted. Finally, they should be either fastened securely into wall studs or if none are present (as in the bottom rail), they should be supported vertically and fastened into the other rails. Safety for seniors should start with preventing falls!

Install double guardrails whenever possible to prevent slips and fall.
A guardrail on each side of the stairs into the basement will prevent slips and falls and still allow the person to do their laundry in the basement.