Quick Home Fixes For Those With Dementia

There are a number of things you can do around a house to make it easier to live in for adults who are getting older as well as for people with developing Alzheimer’s or Dementia. These small changes can result in fewer accidents and also make the home so much more comfortable to live in.

Butterfly decals on large glass doors are decorative and can prevent accidents!

Make large glass areas more visible. This includes sliding glass doors out to the backyard as well as inside glass doors and large windows. Use decals, small posters or even hang something from the top of the glass so that it creates a physical barrier that will indicate something is there. What works for birds will also work for seniors!

Toilet night lights are a great idea!

Use colours and pictures to highlight important items or pathways in the house. Make all light switches a different colour than the walls, making them stand out. In an earlier article we talked about setting up lighting along the corridor from the bedroom to the bathroom. Get bright, colourful, plates and utensils so that they are easily identified. Paint the bathroom door a bright colour, different from the other doors and while you’re at it, get a coloured toilet seat that makes it easier to find and focus on. We even found a toilet night light which lights up in different colours when someone enters the washroom! What a great idea!

Create a nice, even lighting throughout the house and eliminate any spot lights or lights that might create glare or are too bright. Instead of heavy curtains, install sheer curtains so that during the day there is lots of even light.