Basement Bars For Seniors

As house prices in Toronto rise and more and more seniors are living with their children, a common thing I see is the setting up of small apartments or living quarters for seniors in the basement. Often it includes a small bathroom, living room/bedroom and even a small kitchen. I think it’s a great idea and allows the parent to continue with their life in the city while they and the children can still take care of each other.

In such cases, I’ve been putting in lots of short grab bars and rails along the steps, to allow the parents easy movement to and fro. Very important to put even very short bars whenever there is any step, as this is a common trip hazard and then all the complications that can ensue.

In this case, I put several short bars along the winding steps, which helps out a lot. As usual, I used Promenaid bars because I love their style, etc. but also the various joints/curves they have for going around corners. In many of these older homes, you have to cut around corners but also at odd angles and their flexible hinges make it easy.