Safe Shower Room

If you have a shower stall or more enclosed space, it is still very important to set it up properly to avoid slips or falls. Here’s one we worked on where we added a grab bar behind the shower chair (to allow the person to stand sometimes while showering); a vertical bar to allow them something to grab when pulling themselves up; and shower strips on the floor. The shower strips (the white strips) are an easy addition to any shower or bath and are fabulous for giving that little extra bit of grab.

Many people think the shower riser bar (where the shower head is attached to allow it to be raised or lowered) is good enough for grabbing, but this is not a good idea. They are rarely put in with the idea that they will be needed to support weight. As well, in this scenario, a grab bar was put on the outside of the shower stall as well, to allow the person to have a grip when transitioning from the wet space to the dry area.