Home Comfort & Energy Efficiency

Make your home greener and more comfortable for seniors at the same time.

The winter season has arrived in Toronto and it’s now the time to think about making your home more comfortable for those living in it, as well as improving saving money and making it more energy efficient. To help out, we’re going to give you a lot of easy hints on things you can do around the house to achieve both of these objectives at once.

Of course, the big question is whether winterizing your home is worth it? The answer is a simple yes of course and for the most basic of reasons. First of all, it saves a lot of money. As much as 50% of your heating bill can be going to heat the outdoors, particularly if you live in an older Toronto home. Secondly, winterized houses are more comfortable for seniors and anyone else living in the home. Drafts are one problem of course, but so are cold feet and hands, which can lead to illness and stays in the hospital.

So, what are the basic items you should consider to making your home more comfortable and energy efficient? We’ll go into more depth on each of these elements but here’s a list of the basics in order of importance:

** Insulate your attic. This is where the majority of your heat loss goes and money goes. This can be a simple job with some blown in or even batt insulation.

Caulking is easy and stops drafts!

** Check the windows and doors for leaks and weatherstrip or caulk if required. These are often the source of nasty drafts and cold feet, as well as lost money in heating.

** Check for leaks around all the various pipes, wires and lines into your house. Caulking around them and installing gaskets is an easy solution.

** Update your thermostat. I’m still surprised when I go into homes and find one of the old thermostats. A programmable thermostat is cheap and not only saves you tons of money on adjusting for times when you are away or sleeping; it allows seniors to set and forget, making it easier to live in the house.

** Switch out the bulbs for LED. Not only are the new LED’s not very expensive and save you incredible amounts of money in energy. They also provide a beautiful day light look, make it easier for seniors to see things and because they last so long, you don’t have to swap them out very often. Combine them with motion sensor switches and you also ensure the light comes on and goes out when people leave the room.