Declutter For Safety

An obvious first step in making a home someplace you want to stay in is to make it more livable on a regular basis. A few things you can do in that regard and none of them take much time, nor cost any money!

Decluttering the various rooms and spaces in the home can make it brighter, more welcoming and best of all – safer! Never easy to declutter but discussing the advantages with the people involved (or accepting them yourself) is the first step. You want to get and keep the homeowner’s involved so that any positive steps can continue.

Some basic decluttering ideas include:

** Getting rid of throw rugs that can result in slips and falls.

** Taping down any extension cords.

** Try to minimize the furniture which may include selling or donating certain items.

** Putting commonly needed items like remotes, kleenex, reading glasses into baskets beside chairs so that there is easy access while not lying around everywhere.