Staying Mentally Healthy – Participate in the Community!


Mental health is as important for seniors and any of us who are aging, as it is for everyone in the community. Too often we ignore this critical part of staying healthy.

One of the key components of emotional and social well-being is to stay involved in both your neighbourhood and your family and friends. An easy way to do this is to stay in your own home and to continue to be involved with people around you. This can be as simple as putting out your own garbage and chatting with people on the street doing the same thing. Shopping in local stores, visiting the local library or just hanging out on the front porch and watching the world go by help to keep you involved.

A recent article on the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal on Five Self-Care Strategies To Support Your Mental Well-Being is a quick read and gives lots of good suggestions on staying mentally healthy. Their recommendations include:

*** Stay Active physically to reduce symptoms of depression.

***Practice mindfulness based therapy.

***Animal therapy and a companion animal to alleviate loneliness

***Participate in the community to avoid isolation.